Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a Star!

Lusty entered the ring yesterday looking like she had done this a million times.  Her relaxed & content attitude was evident in her expression throughout the entire test.  Boyd commented that "I was thrilled with Rock on Rose – she was second to last to go and there was a packed house. She showed how much she’s matured in her training and I was over the moon."

I rang Bruce & Susie while we were back in the stables after the test.  It was great to hear Bruce so satisfied with his mare.  He & Susie were able to watch the entire warmup & test at home in high definition.  He is so thrilled with the pairing between Lusty & Boyd, who has "clearly done his homework" and has given this mare such an educated ride.  This has been a great partnership.

Ciaron Thompson also deserves a ton of credit for Lusty's wonderful dressage test yesterday (pictured here with Boyd's wonder groom Shannon).  He has constantly been grazy, grooming & doting over this mare since they walked off the trailer.  It truly takes an army to make this event happen.

The XC course is BIG, but this is where Lusty excels.  They run XC today at 3:25.  Here's to their clean & safe return.  Enjoy the pics...........LT

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