Monday, October 18, 2010

Boyd's New Upper Level Prospect!

New Horse from Bruce Davidson

I am the proud new rider of a very fancy looking 3-year-old gelding by Salute The Truth out of Eagle Lion's full sister! The gelding was purchased from a local breeder/Olympic & World champion, Bruce Davidson.

Being born at Chesterland Farm, his current name around the barn is 'Chester'. He is a perfect mix of 15/16 thoroughbred, 1/16 Irish Sport Horse. He is a beautiful mover, and should be a wonderful jumper considering his uncle, (Eagle Lion).

I plan to spend the next few months gently teaching Chester the basics. Standing proud at 16.3hh tall, he looks mature enough to start eventing early next year.

I would like to thank Bruce and Susie for giving me a great deal on such a promising looking horse. Below is a video of me having my test drive on him.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pre-WEG Update!

There continues to be a lot of activity around Chesterland these days.  Bruce has bounced back well from his back surgery and continues to keep his horses in regular training and has been out at the events competing as well.  Expensive Playmate (aka Phoebe) is proving to be a great young horse, winning at Fair Hill on her second start at the Prelim. level.

Richland was another positive event, with both Flower and Cruise having 2 fabulous dressage tests.....setting both up very well for their performances this past weekend at Plantation Field International where Flower was 3rd at Intermediate & Cruise took 3rd in the Advanced!

There's also been quite a bit of activity with our sales horses.  Bruce is quite happy to see two of his young homebreds, a 3 year old 1/2 brother to Petite Flower, and a 4 year old out of Memorial Cap, go to a top West Coast rider, Kelly Prather.  Notably, Kelly has been a two time winner of the Rebecca Farm CIC World Cup Qualifier in 2007 & 2009 on Ballinakill Glory.

Of course the ultimate news around the farm is Buck's naming to the US Team for the World Equestrian Games.  This is certainly the biggest excitement around Chesterland & we are anticipating great things for the whole team down in Kentucky.  Check back next week for live coverage from Lexington!

We hope you enjoy this slideshow of photos, taken by Susie, at several competitions and around the farm. Cheers!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rock on Rose has Sold!

A note from Boyd:

Lusty has found a new home with a young professional rider, Whitney Weston, out in Portland Oregon. Thanks to Hawley Bennett and Buck Davidson for acting as agents on the sale of this talented mare.

It has been an honor and pleasure working with Lusty and Bruce over the past 12 months……and I have gained invaluable knowledge and wisdom regarding the art of training horses through both of these characters! Although I am saddened to see this mare move on to a new career and rider, the goal from the beginning was to put her on the market.

Lusty and I had some wonderful rides and top finishes over the past year at the Jersey Fresh CIC 3*, Bromont CCI 3*, Richland CIC 3*……finally culminating with our remarkable 11th place finish at the Rolex 4*! In fact, Lusty’s recent finishes were so impressive that we were contacted within the past few weeks by the American selectors to discuss putting her on the short list.

I must say that she is one of the most talented horses I have ever ridden. She had all the right ingredients; guts and stamina in XC, style and class in the show jumping and plenty of character and finesse in dressage.

I wish her new owner all the best and look forward to seeing her compete at the upper levels for years to come. Again, I’d like to say a big thank you to Bruce and Susie for allowing me to train one of their own. Their experience and wisdom on how to prepare for a 3 day event will stay with me throughout my entire career!


Top photo credit Mike McNally
Bottom photo credit Lisa Thomas

Friday, July 16, 2010

Keltic Lion's Fabulous Foals!!

We have 7 beautiful & correct babies on the ground at Chesterland!  The new crop of foals are out of our own Irish Sporthorse stallion, Keltic Lion, who is out of the renowned stallion Lux Z, the world's leading show jumping sire.  

We are extremely proud of the young stock that we produce here at Chesterland.  As foals, they  grow up in an environment of rolling hills & fertile soil which helps develop strong bones,  correct confirmation and wonderful temperaments.   Our young prospects go on to do very well in multiple disciplines beyond the eventing world, due to their superb movement & jumping ability.

We hope you enjoy the photos of our new youngsters & we invite you to come see our young stock to consider an affordable investment in a top level sport horse.  Create your next future champion!

Spring 2010 Slideshow.

Update From Chesterland!

Everyone is back in good form at Chesterland. Bruce is feeling great after his surgery and is currently working 6 to 8 horses a day getting fit and ready for the Fall season. The plan is to compete Cruise and Petite Flower at Intermediate, and Expensive Playmate at Preliminary.

Buck had a great ride on Sal at Bromont finishing 6th in the 1*.  Sal is one of Bruce’s top homebreds and he is only 6!!
 He will step up to Intermediate at Richland, then the 2* at Plantation to qualify for Fair Hill in October. 

Thus far this has been a fabulous pairing!!

Here is our planned schedule for the remainder of the summer/fall season:

Fair Hill August 7th/8th

Richland Park, Mi. , August 26th - 29th
The AEC’s September 9 - 12th


Fair Hill 2nd weekend Oct

Even though we’re having record breaking heat, don't hesitate to think about your winter plans! Bruce will be taking a limited # of clients for training at Chesterland South......and once again Gerd Zuther will be joining him in Ocala. Gerd will be available on a limited, private basis and this is an exceptional opportunity to have access to two top international talents in the eventing and dressage communities!

For more information, please email Bruce and Susie.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exercise Rider Needed!

Bruce is in need of an educated horse person who can exercise his horses. This person will need to be competent grooming and handling young stock, as well as riding both green and seasoned horses out cross country for trot/canter sets.

If interested, please email Bruce & Susie. Thank you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Buck & Boyd on Short List for the WEG!

Updated: 2010-05-14
from USEF

Lexington, KY - A partial Short List for the 2010 Land Rover US Eventing Team has been named to represent the United States at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY.

Additional horse/rider combinations may be named to the Short List after the final selection trial held at Luhmuehlen CCI4* June 17-20, 2010. Up to 18 horse/rider combinations can be submitted on the Nominated Entry, which is due August 16, 2010.


Buck Davidson/33/Riegelsville, PA/BallyNoe Castle RM/10/Irish Thoroughbred/G/Carl and Cassandra Segal
Buck Davidson/33/Riegelsville, PA/My Boy Bobby/14/Irish Sport Horse/G/Carl and Cassandra Segal
Phillip Dutton/46/West Grove, PA/The Foreman/14/Thoroughbred/G/Ann Jones
Phillip Dutton/46/West Grove, PA/TruLuck/13/Thoroughbred/G/Ann Jones and Rebecca Broussard
Phillip Dutton/46/West Grove, PA/Woodburn/14/NZ Thoroughbred/G/Ann Jones, Mardie Faucette and Acorn Hill Farm
Will Faudree/28/Hoffman, NC/Pawlow/11/Irish Thoroughbred/G/Jennifer Mosing
Becky Holder/40/Palmetto, GA/Courageous Comet/14/Thoroughbred/G/Tom & Becky Holder
Boyd Martin/30/West Grove, PA/Neville Bardos/11/Australian Thoroughbred/G/Windurra USA, LLC
Boyd Martin/30/West Grove, PA/Remington XXV/14/Hanoverian/G/Henley House Stables
Karen O'Connor/52/The Plains, VA/Mandiba/11/Thoroughbred/G/Joan Goswell
Amy Tryon/39/Duvall, WA/Leyland/10/Thoroughbred/G/Elisabeth Nicholson

All Short Listed horse/rider combinations must participate in the 2010 Land Rover/USEA American Eventing Championships which takes place on September 9-12, 2010 in Fairburn, GA.

For information about the Land Rover US Eventing Team for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, please

For information about the Chattahoochee Hills venue, please visit:

For information about the Land Rover American Eventing Championships, please visit the

Monday, May 10, 2010

Rolex Interview with Boyd

See some great stadium footage of Boyd on Lusty at the 2010 Rolex Event!
Watch this interview with Boyd & Club Equestrian (the USEF)!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Final Results for Rolex!

What an amazing trip it was to Rolex.  Boyd and Bruce couldn't have been more pleased with Lusty's performance.  From her relaxed dressage test, which I witnessed, to her XC and nearly clear stadium (only 1 rail), Lusty took Rolex like a seasoned professional!

Out of 70+ entries, Lusty finished 11th with a solid score of 63.2 in a highly competitive international field!

For all the results & story, please visit the official Rolex website.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Boyd's Comments on Rolex Showjumping

For an update on Boyd's show jumping on Lusty, please check out Boyd's Blog!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Double Clear for Lusty

I met with Boyd briefly after his 3 rides today.....and caught up regarding his ride on Lusty.  He reiterated what a thrill & honor it was to ride in Bruce's colors aboard such a great mare.  She went like a pro & only on a few occasions did her eyes get a bit big at some of the questions.....but otherwise, "the mare doesn't have a stop in her."

I was able to snap a few amateur photos at the head of the lake of both Boyd & Buck. 

Till tomorrow......LT

Buck's Interview on the Homepage of Rolex Website!

Buck &
 Titanium Photo: Michelle C. Dunn
Buck Davidson has a rich history here at Rolex.  He has been coming to this facility since the 1978 World Equestrian Games when his legendary father, Bruce Davidson, claimed back to back gold & made history.   When asked about his earliest childhood memories here, he harks back to the time during the 78 Worlds where he spent the majority of the event playing under the grandstand with his tractor, until the repo man came to town.  Poor Buck still misses that tractor.

With his family, Buck has been coming to Rolex throughout his entire life.  As a competitor, he rode his first Rolex as a 17 year old (early 90’s) on a horse called The Wolf, who was an enthusiastic runaway, taking  20 minutes to pull up on XC and knocking down most of the rails in stadium.  Back then, Buck generally rode the horses that were handed down to him.  Some were a bit challenging, but most were tremendously talented as well, which was apparent in the fact that he made it to Rolex at such a young age.   

During an Olympic year, Bruce had a busy schedule at Rolex with Eagle Lion, Heyday, Squelch and The Traveling Man….leaving Buck with the ride on Transama Flirt.  Buck pulled out all the stops (not literally), securing 4th place and beating his Dad on all his other mounts.  But Bruce still had the final say for Buck’s consideration for an Olympic spot, pulling him from the list for consideration, citing that he felt Buck wasn’t ready just yet.  Since then he’s certainly proven himself as one of the top horsemen in this country & internationally.

This year Buck is riding one of his newest stars, a handsome grey Thoroughbred gelding who he co-owns with his loyal friends, owners & supporters, the Segals.  When Buck originally purchased Titanium, he wanted to find a way to repay the Segals for all of their support.  After one of their initial events, where Ti scored a 65 in dressage, had a stop on XC & dropped rails in stadium……he introduced Ti to his new co-owners in the trailer.  Buck still grins at the thought of their facial expressions when he unveiled their newest present.  I’m sure their apprehension has long since faded with this talented horse.

Originally entered for Rolex were his two leading contenders for the WEG, My Boy Bobby, who was the
2009 Chronicle Event Horse of the Year& Ballynoe Castle RM.  The decision was made not to run them here at Rolex in preparation for a shot at the World Equestrian Games back here at the horse park in late September.  Both horses are positioned right where Buck wants them in their training.  Buck plans to take Reggie to several where he can keep him schooled & relaxed in his job.  In regards to Bobbi, he feels that his win at The Fork proved that he doesn’t need a lot of runs prior to his contention for the games.

There is so much history here for the Davidson family, so Rolex has become a type of “coming home” for Buck.  Every year he has anticipated the excitement of spring & the trip to Kentucky.   “Kentucky is where every American who events strives to come”, and for Buck it’s a reward for his team & all of their hard work.  After Rolex this year, he plans to team up again with his Dad by taking the ride on Cruise Lion until Bruce is fully recovered from his back surgery.  Their plan is to run Cruise at Bromont in preparation for Bruce to get back in the saddle for the WEG.  He shares so many memories of the horse park with his father; nothing would make him happier than to return here with his Dad for the WEG.  

Lisa Thomas is founder of
Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Services, a Website Design & Equestrian PR business which proudly supports several of the Rolex competitors including Boyd Martin, Hawley Bennett & Bruce Davidson.

What a Star!

Lusty entered the ring yesterday looking like she had done this a million times.  Her relaxed & content attitude was evident in her expression throughout the entire test.  Boyd commented that "I was thrilled with Rock on Rose – she was second to last to go and there was a packed house. She showed how much she’s matured in her training and I was over the moon."

I rang Bruce & Susie while we were back in the stables after the test.  It was great to hear Bruce so satisfied with his mare.  He & Susie were able to watch the entire warmup & test at home in high definition.  He is so thrilled with the pairing between Lusty & Boyd, who has "clearly done his homework" and has given this mare such an educated ride.  This has been a great partnership.

Ciaron Thompson also deserves a ton of credit for Lusty's wonderful dressage test yesterday (pictured here with Boyd's wonder groom Shannon).  He has constantly been grazy, grooming & doting over this mare since they walked off the trailer.  It truly takes an army to make this event happen.

The XC course is BIG, but this is where Lusty excels.  They run XC today at 3:25.  Here's to their clean & safe return.  Enjoy the pics...........LT

Friday, April 23, 2010

We Miss you Bruce!!

I woke up this morning to a great chuckle from my roomate saying, "ahh, did you see this line on Eventing Nation:  Rolex without Bruce is like Christmas without Santa!" 

That sentiment is being echoed throughout the horsepark, in the media area & back at the stables.  So many people have asked about Bruce's recovery & we are all looking forward to his rapid return to competition.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Bruce & Susie for my beautiful blue & white bracelet, which has enabled me to keep up to date on Lusty, Boyd, Buck & Hawley.  I just returned from interviewing Buck for the official Rolex Website, and that article will be front & center tomorrow morning on the home page.

Back at home, my husband is green with envy, likening my experience to his dream of being backstage at The Masters.  What a charmed life I lead!!  More later...............LT

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greetings From Rolex!

I arrived early yesterday afternoon to catch the tail end of the jog.  Being a life long horsewoman, yet a newbie to Rolex......I couldn't wait to watch the pomp & circumstance surrounding this portion of the sport.  On the technical side, the horse inspection is such a critical portion of this event.....but being a girl, I'm really there to see all these beautiful animals slicked up & looking so magnificent.  It's also so much fun to see the competitors strutting their stuff!!

Lusty being a typical red-headed woman, was just a wee bit tuned up to show off her svelt self.  I watched her entire jog through the eye of the did not take note of any funny steps or signs of stiffness.  If anything she was just tossing her head a bit due to the excitement.  Much to my surprise, they held her to be represented & then announced that they were going to take a break!  This rookie immediately went into anxiety mode!  What in the world could they have seen?!  After a painful pause in the action, Boyd brought her back up to represent & down the tarmac they trotted.  "Rock on Rose............Accepted."  Whew!!

I was also able to watch part of Buck's jog with Titanium.  What a striking horse &  I was suprised to find out that he's all TB with all that presence & bone.  Definitely a pair to watch for the future!

I'm jetting off to catch Boyd's dressage on Neville, but will be reporting in later from the event.  For a full list of the event timetable & live results, go to

Signing off for now!  LT

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reflections on Rolex

Here we are entering the last few days before Rolex and it’s an exciting time for the crew at Chesterland. Lusty has been back at the farm for the past few weeks, since Boyd returned from Aiken, and she is positioned so well for the upcoming challenge at Rolex. She is in fabulous shape and this paring has proven to be a top choice. We’ve opted just to gallop her a few times since her 3rd place finish at The Fork, as we both feel she’s fighting fit and she’s such an athlete that we don’t want to over train. We’ve focused on her dressage work & have approached it slowly & methodically to ensure she remains relaxed.
This year definitely threw us a bit of a curve ball with my recent back surgery. Of course there is a certain level of disappointment as I won’t be able to compete with my son this year, but I still get to enjoy several other roles as owner, trainer & father. There is no greater fulfillment in life than to see my son share the same passion & personal achievement within the sport that we both love so much.
Buck has truly dedicated his life work to eventing, and it is fabulous to see how our lives have come full circle since the 1978 World Championships in Kentucky. Buck was then 2 years old, (please enjoy all these old photos) and happily came along to watch me defend my World Championship title on Might Tango. He spent a good amount of his time playing with his trucks under the grandstands until they had to take them away so it wouldn’t be a distraction during show jumping. What an honor as a father to now be able to watch him give everyone a run for the money, as he is such a hot contender this year!
After Rolex, Ciaron Thompson, Buck & Boyd will continue on with the horses back at the farm. Buck is going to be evaluating his partnership with Cruise & if all goes well he will run him in the Bromont 3* in mid June to qualify for Worlds.
I’m really encouraged by my rapid recovery & reduction in pain. My plan is to be back in the saddle shortly after Rolex to manage the horses' preparation, flat work, etc. If everything goes swimmingly, nothing would make me happier than for Buck to have another possible contender for September. But as one knows in this sport, there are so many variables with both horse & rider being able to keep sound. Lots of stars have to align.

There is some bittersweet news this year that Janie Atkinson will be retiring after more than 30 years of skillfully organizing Rolex Kentucky. She has done the best for this sport and the trainers, competitors, owners, staff, volunteers & spectators at the Kentucky Horse Park. Janie is not a push over and there are not enough like her in this world. I’ve been connected with her every year, and with every encounter she has stood up for her opinion & always done the right thing for The Event & everyone involved. I’m sure Janie would say that I’ve been a big challenge over the years, with my inconsistent communications and correspondence. But Janie has put up with me & has remained a friend. One more reason to love her! We will miss her desperately.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lusty Rocks It at The Fork!!

It was a stellar weekend for Boyd Martin aboard Lusty (Rock on Rose) at The Fork .  This impressive pair finished a close third in the Advanced Division on a score of 37.7, just being edged out by Bruce's son Buck and Hannah Sue Burnett. 

Most importantly, Boyd feels extremely well primed for their lead up to Rolex. 
"Rock on Rose, better known around the barn as Lusty, had the best weekend that she’s had this year. I finally figured out how to get a relaxed dressage test out of her and it’s definitely not pushing her and forcing her through moments of tension. This time I went completely the opposite way and when she got tense and nervous I simply hopped off, loosened the girth and gave her a bit of grass to eat until she completely calmed down.

She felt very strong and confident in the cross-country and show jumping phases and it was a nice feeling to finally give Bruce Davidson a ring to tell him how successful his homebred mare had gone, especially as he’s recovering from back surgery right now.  I feel like this mare’s primed for Kentucky. She feels a million dollars and more importantly I feel her attitude and personality is upbeat and happy." 

For the full story, please visit Boyd & Silva's Blog and please enjoy this photo gallery courtesy of Amber Heintzberger! 

Photos of Boyd Rock on Rose courtesy of Amber Heintzberger, not for reproduction without permission.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kick On Hector & Casper!

Two of our sales horses, Hector (top photo, credit GRC) & Casper are going on to new homes! 

Rowdie Adams (with a name like, your destined to ride event horses), who rides with Mike Huber, will be developing Hector into her next top competitor.  Good luck to both owners with their new partners.  Kick on!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Little Bump in the Road

Here it is March and we’ve been gearing up for a successful road to Rolex.  As any athlete knows, preparation for a big competition is always punctuated by unpredictability.  In our sport, if you’re afraid to break a finger nail, then you don’t show up to the start box.  In my case, I’ve shown up to the start box on multiple occasions & have had a few bumps & bruises over the years.  

This past month has been a bit challenging.   As someone who has competed in this sport for several years, (or decades) I’ve had my share of physical setbacks.  Fortunately I have always bounced back, and I expect this time to be no different.  Unfortunately, my back decided not to wait until after Rolex to remind me that I’ve logged some time in the saddle. 

Last week I went into the hospital for surgery on my back from herniated discs, which are the result of years of wear and tear.  The condition is degenerative & not the result of a fall or a recent accident on a horse.  Both Jam and Cruise are fit and ready for Rolex, but I am not going to be in the tack. 

While recuperating from surgery (as pictured above), I’ve had several days to sit & think.  What is certain is that I’m not going to Kentucky as a rider.  At this point we have not made any decisions about Jam or Cruise.  Boyd will clearly keep the ride on Lusty (Rock on Rose) and I am eternally grateful that I will get to cheer on both Boyd and Buck.  My plans are for a full recovery, and my hopes are to be back in the tack by this summer.  As Susie says, “Don’t rule out this old dog quite yet”!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back in the Saddle!

It was an exciting day when Susie got her first leg up since her accident over a year ago.  Many thanks to Sue Moffit, a friend & client from Michigan, who brought "Talking Some Trash", a Quarter Horse from a famous cutting horse line, down to Florida for Susie to ride.  

Kick on Susie!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

There's Plenty of Talent in the Barn!

Our focus is not only on our 3 top horses that we're taking to Rolex.  We also have a string of talented homebreds and sales horses with us down in Ocala.  Over the past few weekends, we have taken these horses to Rocking Horse and the Ocala Horse park.  All of them have performed very well respectively, with  Sal securing a 5th place prize in the Open Prelim A, and Petite Flower taking a 4th in the Open Intermediate B section of Rocking Horse.  (Pictured up top is Sal & Petite Flower on XC at Rocking Horse)

As listed on our website, we also have several other horses who are just starting to move up the levels.  Hector, Sal & Expensive Playmate all were in the top 10, with Sal & Expensive Playmate coming in 7th in their Prelim divisions.  They are all very talented prospects.  We also have a lovely homebred mare, Roll-X, who would be a dreamhorse for any Junior or Amatuer rider.  She is so quiet and easy to ride, being a perfect Training/Prelim mount, and she also foxhunts!  We'd love to see her placed with an ambitious Jr or Amatuer rider who wants a fabulous all-around horse...and she's priced very appropriately.

Pictured below is: 
1.  Roll-X with Ciarron in the irons & Bruce following aboard Expensive Playmate.
2.  Hector taking on the water complex.
For a full list of our Sales Horses, please visit our website!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Advanced Results from Rocking Horse II

We're off to a busy beginning of our season.  We took all of our advanced horses to the Rocking Horse II Horse Trials to kick off our season, and with great success and some areas for improvement.

Cruise Lion was a star, winning the Advanced Test A division, with a solid 36.30 dressage score and 15.6 XC time faults, to finish on a 51.90 .  Bruce didn't want to press Cruise too hard, as it was his first event out since August.

Jam put down a respectable dressage test, but had an uncharacteristic rail in stadium and felt back sore on XC.  The goal this week is to determine the source of her soreness and to get her back on track.

Rock on Rose, with Boyd Martin in the irons, had a fabulous stadium course, but missed a stride into the narrow on XC and Boyd was bounced out of the tack.  Thankfully both horse & rider are fine!

Fanny Lee, on a horse she purchased from us, Hadley Harbour, competed in their first Advanced test & finished in 6th!  To round out the Advanced Test B division, Buck took top honors on Ballynoecastle RM, finishing with the top score of the day, a 37.30.

We also took all of our youngsters & will have those results for you shortly.  We're off to a great start!