Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bruce's Rider Profile with Voltaire Design

Our friends at Voltaire Designs conducted and interview with Bruce for his rider profile and it's now up on their site.  Stay tuned for more information on Bruce's signing at their booth at Rolex!!

What is your business' name and where are you located?
Chesterland Farm located in Unionville, Pennsylvania, and Ocala, Florida during the winter months.
What discipline do you primarily compete in?
Eventing. I also have an extensive breeding program.

Can you tell me a little bit about your history with horses? How did you get into horses? Do you have family members in the business?
I was a very small child when I got my first pony. I grew up on a farm and did Pony Club and went foxhunting. I have lived a life of horses and a life of loving and learning about horses. From Pony Club to Point to Point Racing and Foxunting, showing, eventing and breeding. I have pretty much done nothing but horses my entire life and that’s what I love.

What are your future plans?
To just keep maintaining the standard of producing horses and riders at a high level and continue to be competitive at competitions. I also breed horses, so I love to promote the ones we breed. My future plans are to continue to just do more of the same.
Photo by Susie Tuckerman

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I love the whole process! I love foaling the mares and producing young horses, and eventually later competing them. I enjoy whichever phase we are currently in as long as I can continue to do it well.
Photo by Betty Kjellstrom

What's the best advice you have for a young rider wanting to become a professional?
Be prepared to work hard; that is important no matter what your passion or what profession you are in. It takes a lot of hard work to be successful at anything. Many of the young people are looking for sponsors and an easy way through. That may be one way, but it is better to work hard and work your way up the levels. Always be willing to work for your goals.

Is there a certain horse that has changed your life? Or your career?
There really isn’t one particular horse. Irish Cap was big in the revolution of eventing for the U.S. in the early 70’s. Might Tango, the second time was also unique winning back-to-back. I have had such wonderful horses that I can’t say one in particular. Each one did something special in their life and holds record in their own way. I have just been very lucky to have had the horses that I’ve had... and I probably haven’t even had the best one yet!

Do you have any superstitions or rituals when showing?
I like to put my left sock on first, or my left pant leg or left arm for luck, but I do that on a daily basis. I believe that only you can bring your own luck to competitions.

 Why did you choose Voltaire Design?
I saw their banners and tent at competitions and I saw various people I knew riding in Voltaire saddles at horse shows. When I sat in the saddle and rode in it, I was immediately happy with it. I am involved with Voltaire because I was truly impressed by the people that work there and the quality of the products. Whether it’s Eric selling or fitting the saddles, people in the factory making them, or other reps at shows; everyone is really on the ball and does a good job with the company.

Which saddle do you currently ride in?
I ride in all of the different Voltaire saddles, including the Lexington monoflap jumping saddle, the Elkton monoflaps cross-country saddle and the Adelaide dressage saddle.
Photo by Betty Kjellstrom

What is your favorite design feature?
I have many favorites! We went to the Voltaire factory where I saw the saddles being made and all that was involved. I saw the way they carefully put the saddles together.

My first concern with any saddle is that it fits my horse correctly. I can fall out of any saddle, but I like it to stay on my horse where it belongs, so it starts there. Also, the comfort factor; as soon as you sit in one you understand. They really do a good job of fitting them to the horse.

The jumping saddle is a monoflap so it’s nice and tight. The buffalo hide leather is fantastic and beautifully done. I never use any of the spray-on products that make you stick to the tack because you don’t need them in Voltaire saddles. They naturally allow you to ride really well in them.
Photo by Betty Kjellstrom

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chesterland South is Soon Headed North!!

As another winter season in Ocala comes to an end, we wanted to catch everyone up on all the action at Chesterland South!  The outbreak of the EHV virus has had an impact on the showing schedule, but now that the ban has been lifted, the plan is to attend 3 shows before trekking home to Pa.

On the schedule is Poplar Place, Rocking Horse and The Fork before heading back heading north.  Bruce is taking Summer Patriot (grey gelding by Unbridled Song), training level at Poplar with the plans to market him for his owner, Ann Polson.  If anyone is looking for a talented horse to take up the levels, please contact Bruce!  Summer Patriot is the grey featured in these schooling photos, and the bay  is Sabrina, another lovely Charlie baby!

Schooling Photo Slideshow - Many thanks to Betty and Anna Kjellstrom for their great photos!

As always, Chesterland South has been hopping with training action, with a steady stream of  riders working with Bruce to bring their game up a level!  Anna Kjellstrom is heading over to Ocala this weekend to do the one star on KER Marvin and Garfunkle.  She and her Mom have also been a tremendous help with photos all winter!  Maddie Blackman plans to take Gordanstown advanced at the Fork, with the ultimate goal being Badminton this year.  Selena O'Hanlon continues to train with Bruce in Florida, as well as Kelly Prather (who will also compete at The Fork).  The big news on the Chesterland North home-front is that Kelly Prather will be relocating her training business to Bruce's upon her return from Florida.  We welcome Kelly to our facility and are looking forward to watching her business develop at Chesterland.

Competition Pics of Lola and Summer Patriot by Susie Tuckerman

Bruce is also looking forward to showing Charlie in the jumper ring this season.  There are 6 mares in foal to Keltic Lion (Charlie), with the first due on the 25th.  The Martin's welcomed a colt this past week, out of Petite Flower (surrogate mare) and by Charlie.  With finely chosen genetics, Bruce and Buck's training expertise, and certainly Caroline's young talent in the tack........this boy certainly has a big future in front of him!

We hope everyone has a safe and successful completion to the season leading up to Rolex.  If you're at the big event, please make sure you come by the Voltaire booth for an autograph session with Bruce and to sit in their beautifully designed saddles!

Friday, March 15, 2013


Many thanks to our friends at EN for  posting  this unearthed footage of the 1978 WEG, narrated by Bruce!  Take the time to watch this in it's entirety.  Fabulous!!

1978 World Equestrian Games Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

This video goes above and beyond what I expect to find on the internet. First off, it’s long, so if you need a mini-movie night, here is what you’re looking for. The film is from the 1978 World Equestrian Games, which were held at Rolex Kentucky, and it is narrated by none other than Bruce Davidson himself. Bruce won that year’s WEG on Might Tango, leading Team USA to a bronze medal, and the footage shown here is nothing less than captivating. If you have a moment tonight to sit down and spend some time with the fascinating history of Eventing, this is your video. There are links to parts two and three below. Enjoy!