Friday, March 15, 2013


Many thanks to our friends at EN for  posting  this unearthed footage of the 1978 WEG, narrated by Bruce!  Take the time to watch this in it's entirety.  Fabulous!!

1978 World Equestrian Games Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

This video goes above and beyond what I expect to find on the internet. First off, it’s long, so if you need a mini-movie night, here is what you’re looking for. The film is from the 1978 World Equestrian Games, which were held at Rolex Kentucky, and it is narrated by none other than Bruce Davidson himself. Bruce won that year’s WEG on Might Tango, leading Team USA to a bronze medal, and the footage shown here is nothing less than captivating. If you have a moment tonight to sit down and spend some time with the fascinating history of Eventing, this is your video. There are links to parts two and three below. Enjoy!

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