Monday, May 14, 2012

Willowdale Honors Area Olympians!

Photo Credits Jim Graham
It was a beautiful day yesterday at the Willowdale races, with the weather God's shining upon us!  There was a packed field in attendance to enjoy a day of racing, tailgating, shopping and spectating.  The USEF generously helped sponsor the "Salute To Champions", which honored local Olympians & Medal winners who have represented our country over the years.
Photo Credits Jim Graham
In attendance for the procession were several area equestrians including Bruce, Donnan Sharp Jones, Jane Sleeper, Jessica Ransehousen, Tod Flettrich and Michael Matz.  They were paraded onto the course by the lovely 4 in hand driven by Mike Gracie, and each of the participants was honored with an introduction.  Later they all came up to the USEF tent to sign autographs for fans of all ages.

Susie also had a very busy day up in her booth, where she showcased her exception art to many admirers.  I think it won't be long before more people know about Susie's amazing talent with her digital art.  I hope that she has clients standing in line to order custom portraits of their family and favorite four legged friends!!

Many thanks go out to Bruce for participating in the celebration.  Here are some wonderful photos taken by infamous area photographer Jim Graham.  Enjoy the slideshow!

Direct Link to Slideshow
Photo Credits Jim Graham (Thank you!!)