Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Little Bump in the Road

Here it is March and we’ve been gearing up for a successful road to Rolex.  As any athlete knows, preparation for a big competition is always punctuated by unpredictability.  In our sport, if you’re afraid to break a finger nail, then you don’t show up to the start box.  In my case, I’ve shown up to the start box on multiple occasions & have had a few bumps & bruises over the years.  

This past month has been a bit challenging.   As someone who has competed in this sport for several years, (or decades) I’ve had my share of physical setbacks.  Fortunately I have always bounced back, and I expect this time to be no different.  Unfortunately, my back decided not to wait until after Rolex to remind me that I’ve logged some time in the saddle. 

Last week I went into the hospital for surgery on my back from herniated discs, which are the result of years of wear and tear.  The condition is degenerative & not the result of a fall or a recent accident on a horse.  Both Jam and Cruise are fit and ready for Rolex, but I am not going to be in the tack. 

While recuperating from surgery (as pictured above), I’ve had several days to sit & think.  What is certain is that I’m not going to Kentucky as a rider.  At this point we have not made any decisions about Jam or Cruise.  Boyd will clearly keep the ride on Lusty (Rock on Rose) and I am eternally grateful that I will get to cheer on both Boyd and Buck.  My plans are for a full recovery, and my hopes are to be back in the tack by this summer.  As Susie says, “Don’t rule out this old dog quite yet”!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back in the Saddle!

It was an exciting day when Susie got her first leg up since her accident over a year ago.  Many thanks to Sue Moffit, a friend & client from Michigan, who brought "Talking Some Trash", a Quarter Horse from a famous cutting horse line, down to Florida for Susie to ride.  

Kick on Susie!!