Saturday, June 14, 2014

Annie Eldridge Updates Us On Her Keltic Lion Youngsters!

We recently received an update from our friend and client Annie Eldridge, who has a small breeding farm in Massachusetts.  We love keeping in touch with Annie and getting the updates on her 2 Charlie babies, who are pictured here below with excerpts from her fun emails.  Thanks Annie!!

"Here is Cora at one day old(!) marching over to say hi to the photographer!"

"How lucky am I to have another Charlie baby!  Here is my filly,  "Encore Lion," "Encore" or "Cora" for short, who is one week old in these photos.  Like her full brother, "Fools Lion," Cora is amazingly personable, friendly, brave and curious."

" Here is big brother "Fools Lion", now a yearling, saying hello to some visitors in the paddock next to his little sister."

"Here is one week old Cora, brave enough to leave her mom and investigate the gentleman feeding the horses, pictured here. Cora will crawl into your lap if you give her a chance -- this astonishingly outgoing friendliness in a foal so young is a uniquely Charlie-esque trait!"

"Oh dear I'm getting carried away ... Can you tell how much Iove my filly? Here she is pictured with her mom, "Fabulous Jada"(TB), and in the other photo, you can see Cora staring purposely ahead to check out the photographer."

"Again, how many week-old fillies turn away from mom to check out the automatic waterer? Only a Charlie baby shows this kind of outgoing curiosity at such a young age!  Surely this little girl won't be shy as she matures!"

Thanks again Annie for all the fun emails and comments on your Charlie babies.  We look forward to chronicling their growth as they turn from precocious youngsters into true performance horses!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Update From Eva Crossman at Chesterland South!!

We hope that Chesterland has an eventing prodigy in the making, with our youngest rider in training, 14 year old Eva Crossman!  Eva is the daughter of Denise Richmond and Curt Crossman, and currently attends Unionville High School while balancing an ambitious training program with Bruce.  Both of Eva's parents are avid horse people, with her father, Curt being a lifelong horseman who previously was on the hunt staff with Cheshire Foxhounds. 

Eva has ridden primarily in the hunter/jumpers until coming to join the crew at Chesterland last September.  She has two horses of her own, Wylie, a 15.2h Hanoverian cross, who she herself backed as a 4 year old, and Summer Patriot, a grey OTTB gelding who was at Chesterland for sale when Eva arrived. 

Eva, a freshman at Unionville, was able to get permission from the school to take her studies on the road, and she's currently down at Chesterland South, in Ocala, for the entire month of February!  I asked Eva to be my guest blogger and roving reporter while down in Florida training with Bruce for the month.  This is the first of several reports she will be sending throughout the month. 

Eva and Summer Patriot
Thank you Eva for this fun report!

"So to catch you up on Chesterland South it's probably most important to know what all the horses are doing. The Fonz, or "Happy Days", is out of one of Bruce's mares Whoopee and by Charlie. He is an incredible mover and jumper, and currently resides as Bruce's favorite. Bruce has been working hard with the 5 year old to improve his dressage knowledge and help him become more experienced over fences. Fonz did great in the Training at Rocking Horse and all week long Bruce has been saying how much he would love to take him to Badminton.

Bruce and Happy Days, aka The Fonz!
Christine Pitcairn, or Pitty as she is affectionately called, has her top horse Oliver in training with Bruce and the two rocked the Training at Ocala a few weekends ago.

We also have two four year old superstars in the making. Ephraim, who is by Charlie and out of Memorial Cap, and Moses, who is Jam's first baby and by Charlie as well.  Ephraim has jumped only a few times now but was incredible at the Rocking Horse schooling day last week. Holy Moses, who is everyone's favorite to work with, has never looked better.  While he spends almost all of his time in the barn getting his beauty sleep, we all agree it's working!  Moses has jumped a few times down here and is a prodigy just like his mom!

And let us not forget the only Princess of the barn, the ever beautiful Lola.  Lo is doing great and is my personal favorite. She jumps with springs and moves like a Disney Princess strutting across the dance floor.  She charms everyone she meets and is loving her time down in Florida.

Last, but certainly not least, there's Ms. Susie's beloved Tuf. Susie and Tuf have been going sorting with Chuckie Walters and Tuf has been perfect as always."

And on to Recent Competition Updates:

Last weekend Kelly Prather also showed solidly at the Ocala Horse Properties Winter II HT, Winning the Open Prelim on Blackfoot Mystery and placing 4th in the same division on D. A. Duras!  She also finished 7th on Flagmount's Nightcap, in the Open Prelim B division to round out a productive weekend. 

Keep an eye on Event Entries for all the seasonal events in Florida, and also remember to follow us on Facebook for more updates and PHOTOS!

And for those who think Bruce is all work and no play...........he did give the girls in the barn - Sasha, Pitty, and Eva - the day off to go to Disney World over the weekend!!  Their plan, like true eventers, was to get up as early as possible and get on all the rides in the park!