Saturday, June 14, 2014

Annie Eldridge Updates Us On Her Keltic Lion Youngsters!

We recently received an update from our friend and client Annie Eldridge, who has a small breeding farm in Massachusetts.  We love keeping in touch with Annie and getting the updates on her 2 Charlie babies, who are pictured here below with excerpts from her fun emails.  Thanks Annie!!

"Here is Cora at one day old(!) marching over to say hi to the photographer!"

"How lucky am I to have another Charlie baby!  Here is my filly,  "Encore Lion," "Encore" or "Cora" for short, who is one week old in these photos.  Like her full brother, "Fools Lion," Cora is amazingly personable, friendly, brave and curious."

" Here is big brother "Fools Lion", now a yearling, saying hello to some visitors in the paddock next to his little sister."

"Here is one week old Cora, brave enough to leave her mom and investigate the gentleman feeding the horses, pictured here. Cora will crawl into your lap if you give her a chance -- this astonishingly outgoing friendliness in a foal so young is a uniquely Charlie-esque trait!"

"Oh dear I'm getting carried away ... Can you tell how much Iove my filly? Here she is pictured with her mom, "Fabulous Jada"(TB), and in the other photo, you can see Cora staring purposely ahead to check out the photographer."

"Again, how many week-old fillies turn away from mom to check out the automatic waterer? Only a Charlie baby shows this kind of outgoing curiosity at such a young age!  Surely this little girl won't be shy as she matures!"

Thanks again Annie for all the fun emails and comments on your Charlie babies.  We look forward to chronicling their growth as they turn from precocious youngsters into true performance horses!

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