Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lusty Rocks It at The Fork!!

It was a stellar weekend for Boyd Martin aboard Lusty (Rock on Rose) at The Fork .  This impressive pair finished a close third in the Advanced Division on a score of 37.7, just being edged out by Bruce's son Buck and Hannah Sue Burnett. 

Most importantly, Boyd feels extremely well primed for their lead up to Rolex. 
"Rock on Rose, better known around the barn as Lusty, had the best weekend that she’s had this year. I finally figured out how to get a relaxed dressage test out of her and it’s definitely not pushing her and forcing her through moments of tension. This time I went completely the opposite way and when she got tense and nervous I simply hopped off, loosened the girth and gave her a bit of grass to eat until she completely calmed down.

She felt very strong and confident in the cross-country and show jumping phases and it was a nice feeling to finally give Bruce Davidson a ring to tell him how successful his homebred mare had gone, especially as he’s recovering from back surgery right now.  I feel like this mare’s primed for Kentucky. She feels a million dollars and more importantly I feel her attitude and personality is upbeat and happy." 

For the full story, please visit Boyd & Silva's Blog and please enjoy this photo gallery courtesy of Amber Heintzberger! 

Photos of Boyd Rock on Rose courtesy of Amber Heintzberger, not for reproduction without permission.

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