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Buck's Interview on the Homepage of Rolex Website!

Buck &
 Titanium Photo: Michelle C. Dunn
Buck Davidson has a rich history here at Rolex.  He has been coming to this facility since the 1978 World Equestrian Games when his legendary father, Bruce Davidson, claimed back to back gold & made history.   When asked about his earliest childhood memories here, he harks back to the time during the 78 Worlds where he spent the majority of the event playing under the grandstand with his tractor, until the repo man came to town.  Poor Buck still misses that tractor.

With his family, Buck has been coming to Rolex throughout his entire life.  As a competitor, he rode his first Rolex as a 17 year old (early 90’s) on a horse called The Wolf, who was an enthusiastic runaway, taking  20 minutes to pull up on XC and knocking down most of the rails in stadium.  Back then, Buck generally rode the horses that were handed down to him.  Some were a bit challenging, but most were tremendously talented as well, which was apparent in the fact that he made it to Rolex at such a young age.   

During an Olympic year, Bruce had a busy schedule at Rolex with Eagle Lion, Heyday, Squelch and The Traveling Man….leaving Buck with the ride on Transama Flirt.  Buck pulled out all the stops (not literally), securing 4th place and beating his Dad on all his other mounts.  But Bruce still had the final say for Buck’s consideration for an Olympic spot, pulling him from the list for consideration, citing that he felt Buck wasn’t ready just yet.  Since then he’s certainly proven himself as one of the top horsemen in this country & internationally.

This year Buck is riding one of his newest stars, a handsome grey Thoroughbred gelding who he co-owns with his loyal friends, owners & supporters, the Segals.  When Buck originally purchased Titanium, he wanted to find a way to repay the Segals for all of their support.  After one of their initial events, where Ti scored a 65 in dressage, had a stop on XC & dropped rails in stadium……he introduced Ti to his new co-owners in the trailer.  Buck still grins at the thought of their facial expressions when he unveiled their newest present.  I’m sure their apprehension has long since faded with this talented horse.

Originally entered for Rolex were his two leading contenders for the WEG, My Boy Bobby, who was the
2009 Chronicle Event Horse of the Year& Ballynoe Castle RM.  The decision was made not to run them here at Rolex in preparation for a shot at the World Equestrian Games back here at the horse park in late September.  Both horses are positioned right where Buck wants them in their training.  Buck plans to take Reggie to several where he can keep him schooled & relaxed in his job.  In regards to Bobbi, he feels that his win at The Fork proved that he doesn’t need a lot of runs prior to his contention for the games.

There is so much history here for the Davidson family, so Rolex has become a type of “coming home” for Buck.  Every year he has anticipated the excitement of spring & the trip to Kentucky.   “Kentucky is where every American who events strives to come”, and for Buck it’s a reward for his team & all of their hard work.  After Rolex this year, he plans to team up again with his Dad by taking the ride on Cruise Lion until Bruce is fully recovered from his back surgery.  Their plan is to run Cruise at Bromont in preparation for Bruce to get back in the saddle for the WEG.  He shares so many memories of the horse park with his father; nothing would make him happier than to return here with his Dad for the WEG.  

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