Monday, September 23, 2013

Whitney and Lusty Rock On at Plantation!!

This past weekend at Plantation Field International, Whitney Weston, riding Chesterland produced favorite, Rock on Rose, competed with other international level event riders, and came home with great results! Whitney has solidified a fabulous relationship with Lusty and we couldn't be happier with her result from this past weekend.  Whitney was kind enough to send along the following commentary on her weekend at PFI.

"Plantation Field held many thrills and spills this weekend, luckily I had only thrills this time! Lusty (Rock on Rose) was fab and relaxed in the dressage, scoring a 35, a record for us at Advanced. Friday was a "free day", giving me plenty of time to learn the tricky X-C course and walk with my students.

Saturday was the big day, not only did we have to focus on the huge show jumping course, but half an hour later we were expected to change gears and mindset to run around cross country! Show jumping went great, adding only one rail to our dressage score before quickly changing it up for the XC course. Bruce Davidson, my mentor and coach, gave me great advice throughout, saying that if there were ever a horse for this course, it was Lusty. She runs bold and fast, and the advice was to not take too much time in the turns, setting up my lines more off the eye, in order to make the time.

Plantation Advanced offered maxed out tables, technical lines, and tricky lighting at spots. We ran around clear and 8 seconds inside the time to finish on a score of 39 in 6th place! Many thanks to everyone at Chesterland for their support leading up to and during the event. 

I'd also like to thank my good friend David Frechette who caught most of the course on video, while Cindy Lawler captured some of the most exciting moments of our day on camera."

Jump like you mean it! ~ Whitney and Lusty

Cross Country

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