Friday, August 23, 2013

Father & Son Team Endorses KER Sport Horse Nutrition

Father and son team of Bruce and Buck Davidson continue to use KER nutritional products as their "fuel" of choice for their breeding program and competition horses.  The relationship with KER and the Davidson's has existed for years, which lead to the natural progression of their endorsement of KER's feed line.

"We’ve been connected to Kentucky Equine Research for many years. Founder and president of KER Joe Pagan has helped us with our feeding program no matter where we are, whether it’s Pennsylvania, Florida, or overseas. So it seems only natural that we go this route and use KER Sport Horse Nutrition feeds on our group of high-performance horses."

Bruce feeds the KER Re-Leve Sport and KER Ovation to keep his competition horses performing at their peak and recovering safely after excursion.  His animal's level of conditioning has never been better.

OVATION delivers the necessary levels of fat and complex carbohydrates for optimal sport horse performance. This pelleted feed is formulated with unique KER ingredient technologies, including RELEVE OIL. OVATION is a palatable formulation designed for sport horses requiring balanced energy for maximum performance during competition and efficient muscle recovery afterwards.

RELEVE Sport is a completely fortified performance feed designed specifically for sport horses. This textured feed contains balanced omega fat sources and fiber-based carbohydrates for optimal performance. RELEVE Sport provides calories that deliver manageable energy for optimal sport horse focus.

Earlier this year in Ocala, Samantha Clark produced a fun set of video vignettes, which captures this unique father and son relationship!

 Go over to the website and check out the videos!

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