Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Annie Eldridge Reports On Her Stunning Keltic Lion Foal!

Just received a recent email from Annie Eldridge, a friend and breeding client who splits her time between Duxbury, MA and Southern Pines, NC.  

We were able to catch up with Annie recently while she was down to watch all the action at Plantation Field International, and then schedule a visit over at Chesterland to see Charlie and all the young horses.
Annie is a lifelong horse woman who competed in 3 Day Eventing until an unexpected illness sidelined her from getting in the tack.  She continues to work on her recovery while being a huge supporter of the sport, whether it's cheering for her hometown rider, Ariel Grald, or continuing to breed and produce classic sport horses!

Annie has one Charlie colt on the ground and one due in 2014.  Here is her gorgeous colt at 5 months.

Fabulous Lion at 5 Months!
"I have been running a small breeding program for 7 years but I have never seen a weanling that looks
this strong and handsome at such a young age. His mother, Fabulous Jada, is a beautiful,
sweet, talented TB with excellent bloodlines, and of course Keltic Lion is his sire, so I'm calling
the colt "Fabulous Lion" with the nickname of Lion. 

The colt was so stunning, even as a tiny foal, that I had an easy choice picking a sire for Jada's next baby ... I bred her right back to Charlie.  So, how lucky am I -- I have another Jada/Charlie baby on the way ,May 2014 (fingers crossed,always)."

"My Lion is so sweet and friendly that he practically crawls into your lap when you visit
him. He is loving and kind and such a beautiful, athletic mover, even as a weanling! So I am
absolutely thrilled to have this wonderful colt as a "Setters' Run Farm " (SRF) homebred. I
am lucky that he wil be raised, as are all my homebreds, under the careful guidance of
Mona  Gardella at Rough Diamonds Farm in Aberdeen, NC -- Mona specializes in breeding and
she just has a magic touch when it comes to raising foals. 

My heart is broken because I cannot ride now due to illness but I am working hard to recover and my new  goal will be to ride Lion someday!"  ~ Annie Eldridge, Duxbury, MA and So. Pines, NC

Thanks so much to Annie for sending in this recent update and good luck in your continued recovery.   We love to hear from our Chesterland friends and can't wait to see keep track of both youngster's progress!!

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