Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Future Champions - Salem and Mary Nicholas!!

We recently received pictures from Mary Nicolas, who is the proud owner of one of Charlie's offspring.....a 3 year old filly by the name of Salem.  We sent Mary an email asking for an update on Salem and some photos, and she enthusiastically responded.  Below is the email we received in response, and we're thrilled to have Mary contribute to our blog.  The whole crew at Chesterland wishes Mary and Salem the best of luck in their future endeavors.
"Thank you so much for the opportunity to brag about my brilliant Salem!!   In case you haven't heard, my precious girl swept the walk-trot and the dressage suitability divisions, and ended up Grand Champion of her first horse show!!

Her show name is Emerald Lion, after her Irish heritage and her wonderful 'Lion' heritage.  She is about 15.3h tall now and still growing.  She is wonderfully quiet and sensible, has plenty of 'go', loves to jump (only over little things now), and is afraid of nothing!!!  Her movement is breathtaking.  She is sweet and a pet in the barn.  I love her more than words can say and I still can't believe I really own such a magnificent horse!  Everyone at Chesterland.....from Bruce and Susie who bred her, to the people involved in her care as a youngster should be so proud of what they have produced.  She and I will be Rolex bound if Salem has anything to say about it.  It is an amazing feeling to ride such an incredibly gifted horse.

I come from a hunter/jumper background.  I did the WEF on ponies and horses as a junior rider.  I went to Smith College and rode on the Equestrian Team.  I studied abroad in Ireland and discovered eventing.  I rode at (then called) Kellet's Equestrian Centre under Iris Kellet and her team.  I spent a summer there and was hooked on eventing.  I came back to finish Smith College and a Master's at Florida State University.  I coached FSU's Equestrian Team as a graduate student.  But eventing and Ireland were calling and I was soon abroad to learn as much as I could about the sport and to achieve the highest levels I have to date.

Since coming back to America, I worked as a clinical social worker and became very involved in foxhunting Irish horses.  The cross country aspect soon had me longing for a competitive element.  After quite a search, I found the most wonderful trainer, coach, mentor, and friend in Hilda Donahue.  I owe so much credit to Hilda for bringing me back to competitive riding and giving me the confidence to pursue my dreams.

I have a wonderful coach and now a spectacular horse who together will take me all the way. Fortunately the American Horse Trials Foundation has accepted my application so I am eligible for donors to receive tax deductions on any sponsorship and donations.  
My website is http://www.MaryNicholasEventing.com.

I am so happy that you all are interested in Salem.  She is truly one to watch and one who will make everyone very proud!!!"

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