Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bruce's Catches Up with HJU!

Bruce certainly couldn't be prouder of his son's performance this weekend, with 3 solid XC rides successfully completed and 2 horses poised in the top 10 going into stadium!  Reggie is truly top of his game, sitting in third on his dressage score of 45.2, and Mar de Amor impressing us all with his 8th place position on a 55.2, both horses coming home double clear!!

Frankie Theriot caught up with Buck after his run on XC.

Horse Junkies United was kind enough to catch up with us in front of Bruce's statue of Eagle Lion at the conclusion of XC to get Bruce's reflections on Rolex and his son.

Bruce is also so happy to see his wonderful student Kristi Nunnink and her beautiful mare R-Star rounding out the top 10!  Best of luck today to all the competitors.

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