Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Time at Chesterland!

This is my favorite time of year to go visit with Bruce, Susie and the whole crew at Chesterland.  Everyone is settling into a routine and the babies are the center of attention!
Mares and Fillies Coming in for Dinner!
So far there are 3 foals on the ground:  Catalyst, Buck's advanced mare, had a filly, the infamous Jam has had a colt and Amanda (Petite Flower's Mom) had a filly as well.  There is one more mare due and Jan has her hands full with foaling and keeping the young horses in work!
Jam and Her New Colt!
Bruce is very excited that Lola is back in full time work after having some down time this winter due to lyme.  The plan is to start her back at Prelim in June and then bump her up to Intermediate.  He also has 4 three year olds and 2 four year olds out of Charlie who are showing so much promise.  Next week we've planned a photo session to get all the young green prospects up on the website, so check back soon to see Charlie's fabulous youngsters!

Selena O'Hanlon stayed over with us on her way down to MCTA and took this fabulous video of the mares in the pond, which perfectly captures the feeling of spring here at Chesterland!  Keep an eye on our blog for more spring updates and never hesitate to call the farm to set up an appointment to come see our young stock.   610-347-2149

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