Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Whitney Rocks On!

Whitney on "Lusty"
Rock on Rose
Photo Credits Cindy Lawler
Here's our latest update from Whitney Weston, who bought our famous "Lusty" last year after a successful run with Boyd Martin.  Whitney trains with Buck and also maintains her own lively blogspot!  It's wonderful to keep up with the horses that Bruce produces out of Chesterland & their success is a true testament to our breeding program!

Photo Slideshow by Cindy Lawler

" Last year was fantastic. I had the best time truly bonding with Lusty and becoming a team. We took our time on the west coast, starting at training level and finishing the season at the Galway Downs CCI ** on our dressage score!  I just love her feisty attitude, but she's also just the cutest thing! She is an animal out on course, but then such a silly girl at the barn.

The more we have gotten to know each other, the better we work as a team. She's very much a mare like that, I had to get her trust (but also she knows I'm not a pushover!). 

I am so excited for this season. We are wintering in Ocala, FL with Buck ("uncle Buck") Davidson and Bruce ("papa Bruce") Davidson, as we refer to them in reference to Lusty's childhood :) We just finished Rocking Horse OI, and gearing up for Rocking Horse Advanced! Finally!!! ahh the anticipation….Our goal for this spring is to run Jersey Fresh CCI***.

Check out our progress on the blog (where I am guilty of posting daily pictures of lusty being cute) at www.whitneywestonwestwoodstables.blogspot.com
and find us on Facebook!!!

Many thanks go out to Cindy Lawler for her fabulous photographic contributions!

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