Saturday, August 13, 2011

Boyd and Brewster!

Recent post on Boyd's website regarding several of the Walker's new horses, including Brewster, one of Bruce's own home bred talents!  An excerpt from the blog is below & you can click here for the full story!
Brewster, owned by Katie and Cuyler Walker. Photo Copyright Amy K. Dragoo 

The second horse the Walkers purchased is Brewster, a brilliant-looking 4-year-old bred by none other than Bruce Davidson. This horse is about 1/16th Irish Sport Horse and is closely related to one of Bruce’s most famous eventers, Eagle Lion. Dave Leinhauser also got this young horse started over the winter, where Brewster got his education in the hills of Unionville, PA. Brewster has had a couple of starts this year and the horse has looked very impressive at the novice horse trials. 


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  2. Who are the sire and dam of this horse?