Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Working Vacation!

I've always said that I have the best job on the planet.  I have fabulous equestrian clients & access to involvement with the top riders in the why wouldn't I love my work!

I came down to Unionville on Monday with my horse and kids in order to ride, catch up with clients & to see my family.  I had an impromptu lesson with Bruce, which was such a thrill and positive experience.  I'm not sure who was more winded, Rhythm or myself!  I would  encourage any amateur, who would be otherwise intimidated by riding with the great Bruce Davidson, to come ride with him because he is so encouraging & approachable.  He certainly put up with all my mistakes!

I think the highlight of my 2 days was riding cross country with Susie and her new horse Tuf.  I grew up riding across this countryside & rarely find the time to treat myself to the all that scenery!  Susie's new quarter horse has a real purpose in the barn, and earned his keep when he led my stubborn pony into the pond!  It's so great seeing her back in the tack.

I think Rhythm and the kids found a new love in the mighty 9h Sweetums, who's in many of these pictures.  The whole crew at the barn, including working students David and Rachel, are such hard workers & have such a great upbeat attitude.  I'm so thankful for all their help over the past few days & as Susie so perfectly put it, "We have a lot of fun around here"!

Thank you everyone!  LT

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