Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greetings From Rolex!

I arrived early yesterday afternoon to catch the tail end of the jog.  Being a life long horsewoman, yet a newbie to Rolex......I couldn't wait to watch the pomp & circumstance surrounding this portion of the sport.  On the technical side, the horse inspection is such a critical portion of this event.....but being a girl, I'm really there to see all these beautiful animals slicked up & looking so magnificent.  It's also so much fun to see the competitors strutting their stuff!!

Lusty being a typical red-headed woman, was just a wee bit tuned up to show off her svelt self.  I watched her entire jog through the eye of the did not take note of any funny steps or signs of stiffness.  If anything she was just tossing her head a bit due to the excitement.  Much to my surprise, they held her to be represented & then announced that they were going to take a break!  This rookie immediately went into anxiety mode!  What in the world could they have seen?!  After a painful pause in the action, Boyd brought her back up to represent & down the tarmac they trotted.  "Rock on Rose............Accepted."  Whew!!

I was also able to watch part of Buck's jog with Titanium.  What a striking horse &  I was suprised to find out that he's all TB with all that presence & bone.  Definitely a pair to watch for the future!

I'm jetting off to catch Boyd's dressage on Neville, but will be reporting in later from the event.  For a full list of the event timetable & live results, go to

Signing off for now!  LT

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